Padman Dropbox/Pipe Ends

Padman Stops Dropbox and Pipe Ends.

We supply the full range of Drop Boxes and Pipe Ends from Padman Stops.

Their long-lasting Padman Rubber seal system is well renowned making them completely watertight so there’s no water wastage – please contact us for details of their range of product.

Bruno Altin Water Stops

  • “L” or “V” Shaped Box Water Stops.
  • Large range of sizes.
  • Able to take a steel door in a neoprene seal or wooden boards/steel slats for overflow control.
  • Helps to eliminate water wastage.
  • Self cleaning groove to remove debris from your door slide.
  • New extended rear wings for added stability.
  • Deeper sides to help reduce wash outs.
  • These units are available with steel doors or winch control tarp systems with the NEW solar powered ‘wireless automated control system’ that can monitor and control the stop straight from your smart phone.
  • Single or dual outlet.

Civilmart Water Stops

Civilmart L-Stops are a simple and efficient way to regulate water flow in irrigation channels.

They are ideal for bankless channels and can be provided with an apron and wing walls to reduce scour.

L-Stops are provided with a rebate to suit a board or with a rubber insert to suit a metal slide.