Irrigation Headwalls

Bruno Altin Headwalls

Pre-cast concrete pipe ends and headwalls from Bruno Altin & Co are available in a wide range of sizes and are manufactured to fit pipes from 15cm x 1.8m internal diameter.

Headwall styles include:

  • Pipe End / Headwalls take a steel or aluminum door and are available with full neoprene to give water tight seal.
  • New design has a self cleaning groove to remove debris from door slide.
  • Sloped Headwalls minimize the hazard on shoulder of roads without compromising the batter of the soil.
  • Step Headwalls where the space between the board facility and the end of the pipe has been extended allowing for overflow control.
  • Nib /Drop Sills are available in half or full height. They can be used to reduce silt build-up in pipes, increasing water flow rates.

Civilmart Rocla Headwalls

The Civilmart Rocla range of high-quality precast concrete or box culvert headwalls including culvert headwalls, driveable headwalls, flat headwalls, floodgates, security gates, and more.

  • Available for either pipe or box culverts.
  • Pipe headwalls from 150mm to 2550mm diameter pipelines.
  • Box culvert headwalls to suit 300x150mm to 3600x2400m box culverts as a single cell.
  • Multi-cell units available for larger requirements.
  • Suitable for drainage, stormwater, culverts or irrigation situations.
  • Slide or board control for flow regulation.
  • Custom sized headwalls available.