Coly Concrete

Bruno Altin Pits & Extensions

The Storm Water Pit System is a precast modular system which provides a simple, high quality and cost effective alternative to insitu pit construction.

  • Suitable for junction pits, grated pits and kerb inlet pits.
  • Knockout sections on all 4 sides provide easy pipe connection.
  • Can be used as a diversion irrigation system.
  • Able to have customised doors fitted to each unit.
  • Stackable extensions available for the desired height.
  • Multiple lid options including grated, surcharged and plain.
  • Lids available in various load class ratings.
  • Additional Lids available to those listed.

Civilmart Pits & Extensions

Civilmart Rocla concrete pits including knockout pits, pit risers, stacked risers, side entry pits, precast concrete pits, and more.

These precast concrete pits are built to the highest standard and can withstand the harshest of Australian climates.

Our Pits are factory manufactured in a range of standard modular heights from 450mm to 1200mm and diameter from 600mm to 1200mm with custom sizes available

These pits can be used for;

  • Stormwater
  • Inspection
  • Junction
  • Electrical
  • Sewer