Coly Concrete stock, supply and deliver Stock Water Troughs from:

Bruno Altin & Co

One piece Water troughs in sizes from 24 litres (50cm long) to 560 Litres (5.2m long). These units have a non -slip float valve cover for protection from stock. A brass drain plug is installed for easy cleaning. The flat based design of these Water Troughs alleviates the necessity for additional stands, creating a more stable unit.

Water troughs 1
Water troughs 2


Rocla Squareline Trough

These troughs are suitable for both sheep and cattle. They can be placed directly on the ground, even on unstable soils, or on two concrete pedestals. The Rocla Squareline Troughs are supplied with a bolt-down galvanised cover.

Rocla Circular Trough

These high strength, large capacity troughs are perfect for horses and cattle. Because of the design and capacity the water also stays cooler and more palatable longer. The height and shape make it suitable for use on flood plains and/or on enclosed yards. The trough comes with a drainage plug for easy cleaning.

Troughs Applications

Rocla Pipeline Products has the trough suitable for all applications, depending on the animal and evironmental conditions.

roc Water troughs 1
roc Water troughs 2
roc Water troughs 3

Precast Concrete Wangaratta :

Round Stock Water Troughs
  • 1200d x 450h - 440 litre
  • 1300d x 600h - 690 litre
  • 1800d x 600h - 1600 litre
  • 2400d x 600h - 2550 litre
  • 3000d x 600h - 3200 litre
Rectangular Stock Water Troughs
  • 1300l x 470w x 325h - 140 litre
  • 2500l x 470w x 375h - 260 litre
  • 2400l x 600w x 600h - 500 litre
  • 5000l x 600w x 450h - 700 litre
  • 5000l x 600w x 600h - 1000 litre
Float Valves available in 1”, 1.25” & 1.5” sizes to suit these troughs.
pcw Water troughs 1
pcw Water troughs 2

Coly Concrete stock, supply and deliver, Water Troughs from well known manufacturers including Rocla, Bruno Altin and Precast Concrete Wangaratta throughout the Riverina, Murrumbidgee and South West irrigation areas of NSW.

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We stock, supply and deliver, Irrigation Products from well known manufacturers.

Coly Concrete

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Our Suppliers

  • Bruno Altin
  • Rocla
  • Milcast
  • Padman Stops
  • Precast Concrete Wangaratta
  • Diamond Grid


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