Bruno Altin & Co:

Septic tanks in sizes ranging from 1220L to 4500L capacity with sections units available. Meet specific requirements for Septic Tanks suitable for the reception and treatment of sewage and silage for households. These tanks can also be used in an irrigation recycling system.

Tile Drainage Rings

Tile Drainage is a system that reduces salinity in the soil, maintaining a stable water table level by controlled drainage. The rings are made from compressed concrete in 80cm or 90cm internal diameter.

Bruno Altin & Co Pty Ltd manufacture main sump and inspection pit rings in various sizes with the option of flat lids or dome shaped covers with smaller access lids.

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Coly Concrete stock, supply and deliver, Septic Tanks from well known manufacturer Bruno Altin & Co, throughout the Riverina, Murrumbidgee and South West irrigation areas of NSW.

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We stock, supply and deliver, Irrigation Products from well known manufacturers.

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