Coly Concrete stock, supply and deliver headwalls from:

Precast headwalls provide the convenience of:

  • Structural strength
  • Fast installation
  • Convenience no on-site formwork
  • Available in concrete or recycled plastic
  • Suited to irrigation or drainage uses
  • Available in a wide range of standard or custom sizes


Pre-cast concrete pipe and box culvert headwalls from Rocla:

  • Available for either pipe or box culverts
  • Pipe headwalls from 150mm to 2550mm diameter pipelines
  • Box culvert headwalls to suit 300x150mm to 3600x2400m box culverts as a single cell.
  • Multi-cell units available for larger requirements
  • Suitable for drainage, stormwater, culverts or irrigation situations
  • Slide or board control for flow regulation
  • Custom sized headwalls available.
rocla bc headwall 1
rocla headwall 1
rocla headwall 2
rocla headwall 3
coly rocla headwall

Bruno Altin & Co:

Pre-cast concrete pipe ends and headwalls from Bruno Altin & Co are available in a wide range of sizes and are manufactured to fit pipes from 10cm x 1.8m internal diameter.

Headwall styles include:
  • PIPE ENDS/HEADWALLS take a steel or aluminium door and are available with full neoprene to give water tight seal.
  • STEP HEADWALLS where the space between the board facility and the end of the pipe has been extended allowing for overflow control.
  • PLAIN PIPE ENDS can also be used to keep the soil back and minimise erosion. These are often used in access crossings, subdivisions & road works.
  • NIBS/DROP SILLS Are available in half or full height. They can be used to reduce silt build-up in pipes, increasing water flow rates.

Custom headwalls can be manufactured to order for special requirements where a higher than standard Pipe End/Headwall is necessary, such as drainage/supply under an existing channel. Current sizes range from 40cm to 3m in height.

altin headwall steeldoor 1
altin headwall steeldoor 2
altin headwall dropsill 2
altin headwall stepped 1
altin headwall stepped 2

Padman Stops:

Coly Concrete also supply the full range of headwalls and pipe ends from Padman please contact us for details of their range of product.

padman headwall


Coly Concrete also supply the full range of headwalls and pipe ends from Milcast or Finley Precast Concrete please contact us for details of their range of product.

Coly Concrete stock, supply and deliver, headwalls from well known manufacturers including Rocla, Bruno Altin, and Milcast throughout the Riverina, Murrumbidgee and South West irrigation areas of NSW.

Please contact us personally to discuss your particular requirements.

We stock, supply and deliver, Irrigation Products from well known manufacturers.

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Our Suppliers

  • Bruno Altin
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  • Milcast
  • Padman Stops
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  • Diamond Grid


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